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How to get fresh checkout of u-boot working on sabresd ?

Question asked by Abraham Varricatt on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by Abraham Varricatt

I've followed the instructions in the "Android_User_Guide.pdf" and am able to create u-boot, linux kernel & android images working on the iMX6Q sabresd development board. The images were loaded using the "MFGTool" provided on the main iMX6 website.


Frankly, I found the u-boot sources in there difficult to navigate and checked out a fresh copy with this command,


>git clone git:// u-boot-imx


Here's what I did next,

> cd u-boot-imx

> export ARCH=arm

> export CROSS_COMPILE=~/toolchain-android/bin/arm-eabi-

> make distclean

> make mx6qsabresd_config

> make


This generates the u-boot.bin image file without problems, but when I try to load it on the board using the MFGTool, it doesn't boot! Any suggestions on what I could try?

Not sure how relevant this is, but I'm trying to boot off the eMMC present on the board and NOT an external SD card.


-Abraham V.