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Migrating from 60DN512ZVLL to 60DN512VLL

Question asked by vines on Jul 24, 2013

Hi Geeks,


I am working on the older version 60DN512ZVLL for quite some time now. Everything is working fine. When we tried to migrate to the newer generation my ethernet is not working properly. I am using a custom board based on tower system. The new board is exactly the same as the old board except replacing the kinetis IC. I made the necessary changes on the BSP replacing the old chip with the new one. However, the new system's ethernet is not functioning properly. I can ping but TCP is not functioning properly. I am using the same application code.


On a side note, I loaded the telnet freescale sample program for the new chip (TWR60d100). However it is also not working. I find it odd because it is the sample program. Anyone who has a sample project and BSP for this new kinetis IC?


Do I need to explicitly set anything on the BSP (pull up or something) to make the ethernet for the new chip to work? I wonder if the phy chip that I am using is supported for the new kinetis chip  (KSZ8031)? 



I am using MQX 4.0 and CW 10.4. I am using the ARM CW compiler not the GCC.


Thanks everyone.