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Display for SABRE Automotive Infotainment

Question asked by Sridhar Prasad on Jul 17, 2013
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Hi All,


We are planning for a Proof of Concept using the SABRE (Automotive Infotainment) board for one of our Automotive application. We are in need of Capacitive touch screen graphical display (7" max) which would be compatible with the display interfaces available in the board namely Parallel RGB/LVDS/HDMI. We are planning to use i.MX6Q processor with Android/Linux OS. Although Freescale suggests to use MCIMX-LVDS1 module, we feel that it is very expensive costing $500. Instead if any one has used a low cost display module with this board, kindly let us know the part number and manufacturer of the module. Your immediate response is greatly appreciated.



Sridhar Prasad