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Doese the i.MX6 ESAI interface can support up to 2.048MHZ PCM bus

Question asked by uolli on Jul 14, 2013
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Hi All,


I am planning to use i.MX6 ESAI interface to connect a SI3050 SiLabs codec, that codec is 2.048MHZ PCM high way, i checked datasheet of i.MX6 ESAI, that shows "Enhanced Serial Audio Interface (ESAI), up to 1.4 Mbps per channel", what is this mean? if that mean the ESAI interface only support up to 1.4MHZ pcm high way, but in the user manual Rev C of i.MX6 page 1217 said:

"The network mode is similar in that it is also intended for periodic transfers; however, it supports up to 32 words (time slots) per period. This mode can be used to build time division multiplexed (TDM) networks.", seems it can support up to 2.048mhz pcm high way, in details, that manual said it supports up to 32 time solts, as each timeslots is 8bits as least, if the sync clock is 8khz, then 8khz * 8 * 32 = 2.048mhz! am i correct with this?

also, in the manual page 1225 mentioned:

"Although the external ESAI serial clocks can be independent of

and asynchronous to the internal 133 MHz ESAI system clock,

the external ESAI serial clock frequency cannot exceed

133MHz/4 = 33.25 MHz and each external ESAI serial clock

phase must exceed the minimum of 2 x 1/133MHz = 15.04ns"


we can see the serial clock of ESAI can up to 33.25MHZ, but why the data sheet said "Enhanced Serial Audio Interface (ESAI), up to 1.4 Mbps per channel".

Thank you.