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IMX6 paired MMPF0100 LDO minimum load requirements

Question asked by Steve Tai on Jul 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by grantw

Hi, the IMX6SL design I am currently using is mated with the MMPF0100 power management IC for power delivery. The VREG LDO output VGEN1 is configured for 1.2V. There is a device on this output which pulls ~450uA. However the voltage I am getting on VGEN1 output is ~2V. As I increase the load, the output settles on the intended voltage. Datasheet section cites "no-load" to be typically 14uA, and otherwise says minimum operating load current is 0.0mA. As this is a 0.4mA load, shouldn't this be properly regulated? There is a strong preference to not have to add an additional load to make this regulate properly. For reference, the LDO out responds as expected to VGEN1CTL config reg such as disabling the output.