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FLEXCAN Remote Frame answer

Question asked by Ivan Robles on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Weiping Xu

I'm trying to answer the remote frame from another decive or microcrontroller, I'm using TWR-K60F120M, I understand when it receives a remote frame with specific data lenght code, it answer with remote frame or data frame not?. In case of data frame it transmits a data frame with request numbers of data. I'm using the example sci2can but I don't understand how read or how to configure Remot frame for retransmission of data.


I configure the mailbox of this form:




void FlexCAN_PrepareRxCANMB(uint16 iMB, uint32 id)


      uint32 id2;


  // Deactivate the rx MB for cpu write

        pFlexCANReg->MB[iMB].CS = FLEXCAN_MB_CS_CODE(FLEXCAN_MB_CODE_RX_INACTIVE); // write inactive code


  // Write ID

        id2 = id & ~(CAN_MSG_IDE_MASK | CAN_MSG_TYPE_MASK);

        if(id & CAN_MSG_IDE_MASK)


           pFlexCANReg->MB[iMB].ID = id2;




           pFlexCANReg->MB[iMB].ID = id2<<FLEXCAN_MB_ID_STD_BIT_NO;         


         // Activate the MB for rx

        pFlexCANReg->MB[iMB].CS = FLEXCAN_MB_CS_CODE(FLEXCAN_MB_CODE_RX_RANSWER); //Here I configure for Ranswer, but only responds

                                                                                                                                                          //with data frame, DLC=0 and it doesn't return the

                                                                                                                                                          // saved data in its buffer.                                                

        // flag to caller transfer is started    

        bMBFlags1 &= ~(1<<iMB);



Please Help me!!