Bricked FRDM boards , Fourth phase

Discussion created by chop on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2013 by Arthur Clampitt

Well , my 4 boards went back to Freescale in the States four months ago for checking , nothing heard as to what was wrong or whatever ,  So...... having heard about the ability to use the FRDM board with mbed I thought I'd give it a try as I now have a new PC with a fresh XP installation and thought surely nothing can go wrong  , $9 later Element 14 delivered a new board ,  Plugged into the PC demo program runs as "on the lable"   


PEMicro/Freescale - CDC Serial port message appears and unit enumerates as FRDM-KL25Z (F:) so far so good ! , checking contents shows blank ( not so good) properties ,  0 free space, 0 used space , 0 capacity 


Try repowering  FRDM , and it comes up as BOOTLOADER(F:)  but with a windows warning "Windows - Delayed Write Failed"  and no green LED ( but demo program still running well) 


Repower again and it shows as INVALID(F:)



So now I seem to have yet another bricked board , I beginning to feel that Freescale has a personal vendetta  :-)  , I have TI 430 Launchpads (2) , TI stellaris launchpads (2)  an STM32F4 discovery , various Arduinos, PICs etc  , never had a problem with any of them, despite some fairly rough usage   I  use Freescale BDM programmed 8 bit and 16 bit processors in several products with no problems at all !!


Is it just me or are these boards so very touchy ?   five out of five failures seems to defy logic