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TWR-K60F120M and PHY dp83640

Question asked by aroste on Jun 24, 2013
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I have the tower system TWR-K60F120M + TWR-SER.  I tried the BSP demo "httpdsrv" software and it works fine. I can see in the code and settings that it is in RMII mode.


Now I want to connect to a demo board for the TI DP83640 PHY PTP. I changed in the code and the links to compile with "phy_dp83xxx". 

The demo software doesn't work. I get the 100Mb network connection and, the link led, speed led and act blinking.


I changed to remove the define RMII mode (ENET_OPTION_RMII) because I want it works in MII. I checked different things in the config and boards, here some unresolved questions:


  1. Someone has some experience with that ?
  2. Are the MII TX2, TX3, RX2 and RX3 going out to the tower connection J7 A ? 
    On the schematic it is confusing, ETH_TXD3 (and 2, RX3 and 2) seems to not be routed on the uC.
  3. uC is clocked by 50Mhz, and PHY by 25Mhz. Should I change something on uC settings ?
  4. ?


I use the latest MQX (4.0.1) and CW (10.4)