56800E modulo addressing

Discussion created by miroslavmartisek on Jun 20, 2013
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Hello guys,


have somebody got experiences with 56800E core modulo addressing? Namely, I

cannot read correct value of last sample in circular buffer (its length is

7 samples). If I want to obtain other samples, it works very well.


Simple code is here:




Frac16 test;

Frac16 TestBuffer[7] = {4587, 4578, 1258, 6688, 1024, 1122, 874};


asm Frac16 ModuloTest(Frac16 *buffer)


  adda #1,SP 

  move.w N,X:(SP) // save N



  adda #0,R2,R0 // R0 = R2

  moveu.w #6,M01 // modulo addressing 


  move.w #6,N

  adda N,R0


  move.w X:(R0),A


  move.w A,Y0 // result to Y0



  move.w X:(SP)-,X0

  move.w X0,N





And calling:

test = ModuloTest(TestBuffer);




If I want to call this function, it returns value of 32 instead 874. Also,

I tried to modify this code million times, but without success. At the

moment I don´t know how improve it.

Could somebody give me an advice to solve it?


Thanks a lot!


Miroslav from Bohemia (Czech Republic)