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9S08PT60 - port A3 pin won't output

Question asked by Mark Roberts on Jun 19, 2013
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Most of my code is working fine, but PortA3 is giving me fits.


It works fine as an input... the debugger correctly display the pin state, but when set as an output, I cannot get it to go high. The voltage is always low, but a light external pull-up will pull it high with no current load, and even latch it high (still looks like a high-Z input).


I've triple checked the port addresses, made sure the other peripherals associated with that pin are disabled, etc. I've even run the code in debug, stepping through only the code starting from reset, initializing the port registers, then set that output bit... but I can't seem to make the pin output anything.


The other portA pins are all inputs, but a quick reassignment showed that I could control A2 as an output OK... but not A3!


Any thoughts?