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How to adapt my BSP for a new audio codec

Question asked by fredericjary on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Yury Georgievskiy
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I am working on a custom board, whose reference design is Sabre SDB board.


I would like to port a new codec (max98355a) on my board. Compared to wm8962 codec from the reference board, this codec has no I2C as a control interface. As the registration of the device is done via I2C interface on the wm8962, the wm8962.c driver shall be modified, and also the imx-8962.c file. For the moment, the probe of the codec driver fails.


Does anybody knows what is the main idea to modify the driver files to force probing without I2C polling? There are not so many examples of codec drivers in Linux source code so that I can get inspired...


Any idea would be very appreciated.


Thank you.