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Using command in DSP56800x_EABI_Tools with error Undefined : "FSTART_"

Question asked by ttdd on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by Fiona Kuang

Dear FSL, 

I'am using command line to compile derivative MC56F84789 with mwcc56800e.exe execute file. 
I have error with message:

>Undefined : "FSTART_"

Errors caused tool to abort.
>'C:\FREESC~1\CWMCUV~1.4\MCU\DSP56800x_EABI_Tools\command_line_tools\mwld56800e>.exe' returned with exit 
code 1

Here is my command line, with main.c file and 
Project_Headers folder I've got in project of codewarrior:
C:\Freescale\CW MCU  v10.4\MCU\ColdFire_Tools\Command_Line_Tools>mwccmcf.e
xe "C:\Documents and  Settings\workspace\56f84789\Sources\main.c"  -msgstyle 
parseable -g -i "C:\Documents and  Settings\workspace\56f84789\Project_Headers" -i 
"C:\Freescale\CW MCU v10.4\eclipse\../MCU/M56800E  Support/runtime_56800E/include" -I- -i "C:\Freescale\CW 
MCU v10.4\eclipse\../MCU/M56800E  Support/msl/MSL_C/MSL_Common/Include" -I- -i 
"C:\Freescale\CW MCU v10.4\eclipse\../MCU/M56800E  Support/msl/MSL_C/DSP_56800E/prefix" -I- -ir 
"C:\Freescale\CW MCU v10.4\eclipse\../MCU/M56800E  Support" -w illpragmas -w possible -w extended -w 
extracomma -w emptydecl -w structclass -w notinlined -opt  speed -requireprotos
Please help me explain:
1. Why am I using mwcc56800e.exe but error in 
2. Where is Undefined : "FSTART_" and I can't find it in 
3. Could you help me compile project via command line?

Thanks for your support!