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Power State Wakeup accepted interrupts and wakeup times for IMX6 SoloLite?

Question asked by Chris Loental on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by Anson Huang



Hello, and apologies if my questions are silly, it is my first time here and I am new to the IMX6.


I am designing a system with an IMX6 SoloLite and have some questions about the low power modes:


1) For Standby/DeepSleep mode what allowed interrupts will bring the IMX6 back to RUN? Can you exit this power state based on UART or SDIO?


2) For each of the following modes (WAIT, STOP, STNBY/DSM) what are some ballpark "exit times" from power-down to RUN?


Basically, I want to figure out the following:


Can I be in DSM and wake up the IMX6 via WiFi or BT interrupt (routed to IMX SDIO and UART, respectively) and after wakeup has occured, what is the approximate time it will take for the IMX6 to be "ready".


Assuming I cannot use DSM as I've described above, what are the approximate wake times from WAIT and STOP?



-Chris Loental