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i.MX6 SPI Slave mode

Question asked by Steve Kwon on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Robert Göllner
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I'm wanting to use the SPI in slave mode (as a platform_device) in Linux 3.0.35.  Is this possible?  I've set the SPI registers (slave mode, CPOL/CPHA etc) but I don't seem to be getting anything in ECSPIx_RXDATA register when the master on the other side is sending data.  I've checked the SPI lines and it seems valid.


Here are my SPI register values:


ECSPI2_CONREG= 0x01f00001
ECSPI2_CONFREG= 0x00000000
ECSPI2_INTREG= 0x00000024
ECSPI2_DMAREG= 0x00010001
ECSPI2_STATREG= 0x00000003


Is there anything obviously wrong in the register values or do I need to set registers other than the SPI specific registers to make it work?