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General signal generation using data buffer fed with DMA transfers

Question asked by Javier Cambra Enguix on Jun 11, 2013





I am trying to feed the DAC buffer using the DMA. We can find a simple example in the  DAC_LDD help.




I configured the devices following this example step by step, but does not work. The execution thread never reach the event DA1_OnComplete.




When configuring the DAC_LDD device in processor expert you can see that "Hardware trigger" must be Enable. But no more details are explained in this example. If I enable "Hardware trigger", then only can choose PDB, but in this example does not appear anything related to PDB, so I am little confused, and I don't know how to configure the trigger.

Any help will be apreciated.


I am using the microcontroller ColdFire V1+ MCF51QM128VLH and CodeWarrior 10.2