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i.MX535 - 24bpp LVDS LCD Configuration (Android BSP R10.4)

Question asked by Sridevi Kandaswamy on May 29, 2013


Have designed a custom hardware primarily based on i.MX535 SMD, Using 512MB LPDDR2 RAM and interfacing a 24bpp LVDS LCD to LVDS Channel 0 of i.MX535.

Reference BSP

Patches taken from R10.4 Freescale Release

Uboot 2009.08

Android 2.3.7 Sabre Tablet BSP (Linux Kernel 2.6.35)


Have made code customization as per the following link

iMX6QD How to add 24bit LVDS support in Android


But looks like there is no change in the configuration for the bootargs set to 24bpp.

The kernel configuration defaults to 16bpp & the color mapping is not found to be correct. The colors are inverted (like negative).

Am attaching the original images & the image viewed on the custom hardware for reference.


1. Let me know whether R10.4 (Android 2.3.7/Kernel 2.6.35) has support for 24bpp LVDS display

2. What are the configurations to be done in Uboot & Kernel for 24bpp LVDS Channel 0 interface?

3. What could be the reason for the color variation / invertion?


Looking for your earliest support in this regard.

Thanks in advance.