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about e2448:I've really checked all the manuals and think I've done right ,but...

Question asked by FU grace on May 29, 2013


I'm really puzzled about the problem.I really think I've done right but still it can't work under flash mode.So I beg you check other possible reason for me,like the IDE.

I'm using CW10.3,k10,and I've modified my code like this:

#pragma define_section relocate_code ".data2" ".data2" ".data2" far_abs RX

#pragma section relocate_code begin

void set_sys_dividers(uint32 outdiv1, uint32 outdiv2, uint32 outdiv3, uint32 outdiv4)


    uint32 temp_reg;

    uint8 i;

    temp_reg = FMC_PFAPR;



#pragma section relocate_code end


I didn't modify the default linker command file.There's 3 warnings saying  that:" ignoring #pragma define_section" before every "#pragma".then I check the map file to find that the function of set_sys_dividers() still locates in  the .text. Then the program can't execute.

The linker file is attached to approve that the section of .data2 was used right.Besides I didn't add a function of copy_to_ram to the source file since there's a default function in the romcopy.c.I think there's no problem of it.

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