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MC9S08DZ32 using full range of internal EEPROM with Processor Expert.

Question asked by Tomasz Zajkowski on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by GUITTET JOEL

Hello. I've been using MC9S08DZ32 with CW 10.3. The data sheet says that this MCU has 1024 bytes of EEPROM mapped between 0x1600 and 0x17FF. Only one half of the EEPROM is accesible at a time and the currently used half could be switched with EPGSEL bit in the FCNFG register. Actually I can not find any methods or configuration dialogs in Processor Expert that would let me switch / use the whole EEPROM array. Do I have to modify the EPGSEL bit in FCNFG manually, or am I missing something?