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jpg decode using vpudec ?

Question asked by Alok Kumar on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez
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Dear all,


I searched the forum and found this question was asked earlier but no clear answer mentioned. Could someone from freescale tell how to decode jpeg using vpudec commandline or C code. I am it will be extremely useful for me and many more.


gst-launch filesrc location=./jeep.jpg ! vpudec ! imagefreeze ! mfw_isink axis

-top=540 axis-left=960 disp-width=960 disp-height=540

MFW_GST_ISINK_PLUGIN 3.0.5 build on Apr 17 2013 12:11:46.

Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...

[INFO]  Product Info: i.MX6Q/D/S

vpudec versions

        plugin: 3.0.5

        wrapper: 1.0.28(VPUWRAPPER_ARM_LINUX Build on Apr 17 2013 12:09:59)

        vpulib: 5.4.10


Pipeline is PREROLLING ...


** (gst-launch-0.10:1255): CRITICAL **: gst_vpudec_chain: assertion `vpudec->context.handle' failed


When I tried same with jpgdec, CPU went upto 100% on one core. It does display image.