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i.MX6 SABRE-SDP  Enabling Multi-touch UI on a RGB24 Parallel interface display panel

Question asked by Ujala Kumar on May 11, 2013

Dear All,


I am working on a i.MX6S based custom board which is actually a "toned-down" version of  i.MX6DL SABRE-SD board.   It has  a multi-touch(5-point) Capacitive touch panel   over a 24-bit , 800 x 480 , parallel LCD panel, interfaced on Disp0.   Although the Touch panel seems to be working   as we can see the touch points/traces  on the display while a touch action is performed, but  the inputs seems to be not taken by the Android UI and no action happens ...!!!   even the unlock not happens even though touch point is on the unlock icon and sliding action is done.


We are using Android 13.4.1 BSP.  The BSP release note states   as below:

  Feature             i. MX 6Dual/6Quad SABRE-SD                         i. MX 6DualLite SABRE-SD

----------               -----------------------------------------                           ------------------------------------

UI(Input)             Multi-touch on LVDS Panel                                  Multi-touch on LVDS Panel


The logcat of our board shows a message as:

"I/InputReader( 2253):   Touch device 'cast-touch' could not query the properties of its associated display 0.  The device will be inoperable until the display size becomes available."


appears to be some configuration issue for a Parallel display identification / enable/ ...    on this i am completly clueless..        Any help , clue ,  guidance   , suggestion  on this is deeply appreciated and is eagerly awaited...       


Pl. find here attached the complete "Logcat"  of our hardware   for analysis and suggestions,


my sinceremost thanks in advance...   


Ujala Kumar



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