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MQX OpenVG 0.5.0 disabling fbws

Discussion created by Ioseph Martinez Pelayo Employee on May 9, 2013
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To disable 0.5.0 and keep compatiblity with EGL Pbuffers I did the following:


- patched hal/os/mqx/user/gc_hal_user_fbws.c to disable fbws

- built all four required libraries:

     - check section 3.2 from vf600_ovg\doc\OpenVG Driver on MQX User's Guide.pdf


- copy the rotation application "rotation" folder from a 0.4.0 distribution to test/

- renamed folder to rotation.0.4

- patched tests/rotation.0.4/ovgmain.c

- copy build-autovf600-gnu-mqx-d folder from rotation folder to rotation.0.4

- modified tests\rotation.0.4\ovgapp.h so WIDTH and HEIGH #if to 800x600

- cd tests\rotation.0.4\build-autovf600-gnu-mqx-d\eclipse make MQX_TWRVF65GS10_PATH=$MQX_ROOT


You should see the rotating tiger if you are using DVI connector.


Maybe this will be helpful for you Jim Mikola

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