Overriding MQX ROM Vector table at compile time, kernel_isr Feature Request

Discussion created by pmt on May 3, 2013
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In the MQX vectors.c file the majority of the vectors are set to a single define, DEFAULT_VECTOR:


    /* Cortex external interrupt vectors                                                */

    DEFAULT_VECTOR,         /* 0x10  0x00000040   -   ivINT_DMA0                        */

    DEFAULT_VECTOR,         /* 0x11  0x00000044   -   ivINT_DMA1                        */


However, more useful would be if they are set to unique names:


               ; External Interrupts

               DCD     DMA0_DMA16_IRQHandler  ; DMA channel 0/16 transfer complete interrupt

               DCD     DMA1_DMA17_IRQHandler  ; DMA channel 1/17 transfer complete interrupt



That are set to the default handler with a WEAK export:


Default_Handler PROC

                EXPORT  DMA0_DMA16_IRQHandler     [WEAK]

                EXPORT  DMA1_DMA17_IRQHandler     [WEAK]


               // default ISR handler


then the user is able to create an override function in the user code like without the need to call run-time kernel interrupt install code.  This is true even if the vector table is left in ROM:


// User kernel ISR C code example

void DMA0_DMA16_IRQHandler(void)


     // ISR handler here ...




Can you consider this as a modification to the MQX vector BSPs?  It would allow compile time kernel ISR installation that woudl work in ROM or RAM.