Assignment in condition

Discussion created by Darryl on Apr 18, 2013
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I have the following definitions in my code:


typedef struct {

    volatile uint8_t*   RB_Port;

    uint8_t             RB_Mask;

} NFlash_Accesss_Def_t;


#pragma INLINE
static bool_t MT29f_Busy( const NFlash_Accesss_Def_t* pPort ){
    return ( *pPort->RB_Port & pPort->RB_Mask ) == 0;


Using these definitions why does the following give me the warning "C5909: Assignment in condition"?


    while( MT29f_Busy( pChip_Ctrl) ) {



It works fine, I just get the warning...  If I don't make it inline, I don't get the warning.