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Program Kinetis with P&E Multilink Universal for the First Time

Question asked by chiasyan on Apr 13, 2013
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I have created a custom board for Kinetis K20 but couldn't program it using the P&E Multilink (JTAG).



At first, I was trying to "Erase Whole Device" in order to test the communication between the target and Multilink but there is an error message "Cannot enter background mode".


Then, I referred to the Multilink user guide and followed the steps provided:

  1. First check for power on, then check to make sure the processor oscillator is running.
  2. Finally, look for the startup sequence for your microprocessor that is listed below.

a. RESET is driven low (to processor).

b. Activity appears on TCLK, TDI and TDO (PC software instructs the processor to enable debug mode).

c. RESET is released by the interface and will go high.

d. Activity appears on TCLK , TDI and TDO (Debug activity).

Here are the PROBLEMS:

  1. My crystal osc (8MHz) is not running, there is no oscillation. (I came across one thread saying that MCG must be configured first)
  2. There is no activity for TDI and TDO.


TCKhas activity

logic HIGH

TDOlogic LOW
TMShas activity
EZP_CS_blogic LOW
Reset_blogic LOW


Please help. Thank you.