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IMX6 MfgTool not loading u-boot.bin as expected

Question asked by James Edwards on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by James Edwards
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I'm using the MfgTool to load a custom u-boot to our board over USB.  The u-boot is basically the one from the SDK, and has the HAB stuff added to it.  I had to make the linker changes, and the system seems to work well on the SabreSD eval board, though that was loaded off of an SD card.  In the case of the new board, the MfgTool loads the u-boot.bin, but sometime after the main u-boot code, somewhere in the padding that follows, it cuts off the download, so everything after the padding is lost.


Is there a trick to get the MfgTool to load the entire image?  The documentation I've found is very light on what it's doing.  I'm assuming that the tool is determining the size of the image to load based on something other than file size, but can't find what that is.  Any help is appreciated.