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How to remove from capture queue, process and submit to display queue (Android)

Question asked by Dragan Ostojic on Mar 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by Dragan Ostojic

My system is iMX6 quad core. I run Android r13.4. My input is gray scale camera Aptina mt9p031. At this point I'm capturing and previewing the video. My goal is to insert some processing between capture and display. In principle I understand that I need to dequeue captured buffer and after doing some processing en-queue it to the display. I know how to dequeueu after capture (the code is in CameraHAL.cpp) but I haven't found example code how to enqueue to display. There is example code which explains how to use GPU for post-processing but nowhere I could find this last step how to submit completed buffer to display (at Android HAL level).


If somebody could send me their working code example or point me to the right direction I will appreciate greatly.