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How to flash Nand on imx53 custom board? (which tools to use?)

Question asked by emmanuel_fiancette on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by hippo

Hello all,

Like I just join this community, before my question, just a little who I am:  I am 41 yo, I live in France and I am hardware developer (more than software :-).

Well, I just start a project with a custom IMX53 QSB. My goal is to install a Linux instead Android. I must say that I haven't any manufacturer support.

So this board is able to boot on the SD card.

My plan is to start with an existing image (from Freescale or Linaro) and burn it to the SD card and try to make it working on this board.

My second step is to flash this image under the board internal Nand.

My third step is to build my own suitable image for my project.


Well like I am newbie, I start to read freescale information, but there are so many things ...

I found necessary information to write image under the SD.


I would like to know what tools I need for my other steps:


- Which tools I need to flash the internal Nand of the board with my image?

I think I understand that Uboot can do that? but not know the process.

Also I think I need to know how to access to the Nand Flash (memory adress)? (I have an Android update from the manufacturer. this update use Uboot flash update process, so perhaps I could make some retro-engineering to find parameter I need..)


- Is there a free tools platform with I can build my own image?

(or a more open question wich tools I need to work on imx53 board? is there free tools? where to download it?)






(Please be tolerant, I am newbie with a small experience on Linux system :-)