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Jpeg image decoding using VPU on iMX53 running Android 2.3

Question asked by Prabhuram Murugan on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by Matthew Sealey


I am working on iMX 53 and Android 2.3 build,

I need to use the VPU to decode jpeg images (software decoding works fine but going for VPU to achieve better performance)
I had checked the mxc_vpu_test and the config files(config_dec), there are options for decoding movie formats like MJPG , MPEG etc. But I could not see any options for JPEG image decoding ???


So is it possible to use VPU for decoding image file (jpg | bmp | png) efficiently ?

And will I be able to get considerable performance improvement over software decoding.

Software decoding takes ~300 ms in  NativeImageDecode() method and I use BitmapFactory,

Thank you,