Jayaram Subramaninan

Free RTOS porting in mcf52259  demo kit using codewarrior - Problem

Discussion created by Jayaram Subramaninan on Mar 9, 2013
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I am using coldfire mcf52259 demo kit. I have tried running the examples with MQX and it is working fine.

Now i want to port the FreeRTOS using Code Warrior5.9.0 on this demo kit. I am able to compile the program. But when I press debug(F5), I get this error

"Cold fire PE Protocol: No USB connection found".  

Has anyone used FreeRTOS in mcf52259. I used the rtosdemo project available in Freertos for coldfire mcf52259 demo kit.

Can we use tools--->flashprogrammer---->program to download the program.

I tried that though it didn't work.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thank you.