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"dmesg" reports different ring buffer contents each time called

Question asked by Eugeniu Rosca on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by Eugeniu Rosca

Hi everyone,


Unfortunately, I could not find other topics treating dmesg issues on the community forums.


The setup is:

- SabreLite board  from Boundary Devices connected to a Windows PC using this terminal (through UART).

- Android v13.4-ga;

- linux kernel v.3.0.35 from Boundary Devices.


The use-case is like below:

1. let the board boot-up;

2. see console messages populating the terminal window;

3. see the Android lock-screen on the LCD;

4. clear the terminal contents;

5. perform "dmesg" command in terminal Tx field;

6. see kernel ring-buffer contents filling the terminal. save in text file.

7. perform steps 4-6 several times => generate several text files.

8. compare the text files => the files are NOT identical; There are several differences not at the end of files, but somewhere in the middle portion.


This is an awful issue. How can I trust DMESG ? Anyone experienced this?

Thank you!