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Linux 3.0.35 for iMX53

Question asked by mc maddie on Mar 3, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by rogeriopimentel
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We have been using Linux on our iMX53 based device.


Now there is a need to test newer kernel if  it works better than current one since the current one has some problems that are said to be fixed on newer kernel. Problem is that it's not that easy to take in use the new kernel.


I was able to compile 3.0.35 for mx53-loco without any patches. If I add latest patches then there are lots of problems and lots of patches needs to be done by hand and I think that kernel is unusable. I took the patches from here: git:// imx_3.0.35_12.10.02


Another problem is that the board-init - files are changed so much that majority of the settings done in our current file is unusable in the new kernel. For example our hw boots from sd-card, how do I define it in the 3.0.35 kernel? All I could fine was some supply regulator setup, but not setting up the sdhc-controller.


Is there any documentation for board-init - file? Or has someone gone from 2.6.35 to 3.0.35 with imx5? It seems that 3.0.35 is quite heavily targeted to mx6 since there are mx6 related things missing when trying to compile 3.0.35 with latest patches for mx5.