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i.mx25 USB Host Port off-chip ULPI Tranceiver

Question asked by dalton on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by RandyKrakora

We built an i.mx25 board with HOST and OTG USB interfaces. The OTG Port uses the on-chip UTMI transceiver and the HOST Port uses an off-chip ULPI high-speed transceiver (USB3317). I’m not able to get the Host USB port functioning in Linux. The Processor Reference Manual says the default configuration is serial mode and to switch to ULPI mode write a 0b10 to the parallel transceiver select (PTS) bits in the PORTSC register. I don’t know if the driver, U-Boot, or other software should do this. I don’t see anything related to ULPI PHY mode for the Host Port in the LTIB kernel configuration.


Does anyone have insight into this?