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i.MX6Q have no display with prebuild image boot from eMMC

Question asked by Eddie Yao on Jan 30, 2013
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     I have occur the problem that  i.MX6Q have no display with prebuild image boot from eMMC.

Below are my steps:

1. Copy the following files in release_package/image_*/sabresd_6dq to your MFGTool-Dir/Profiles/MX6Q Linux

Update/OS Firmware/files/android/ directory.


  u-boot-6q.bin and renamed it to u-boot.bin




2. Change the SABRE SD SW6 (boot) to 00001100 (from 1-8 bit) to enter download mode.

3. And download the images by MFGTool

4. Download sucessful.

5.Change Boot Switch (SW6) to 11100110 (from 1-8 bit) to switch the board back to eMMC boot mode.

6. Power on / reset

7. Under the U-Boot prompt, please set the following U-Boot environment variable:

    I tried to boot with LVDS single display mode  and boot with HDMI single display mode and boot with LVDS & HDMI dual display mode.All of these have no display.


There something wrong? BTW,when dowanloading the images it have display with 4 penguins


Please help,thanks.


Attached is the log messages

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