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problems installing bsp linux

Question asked by joniparragirre on Jan 28, 2013

hello everybody,

I have the SABRE Board for Smart i.mx6q and I want to install the latest bsp of linux.

I have downloaded the MfgTool2 and the '12_09_01_oneiric.tgz' . Then i have renamed it to oneiric and I have copied in the path Profiles\MX6Q Linux Update\OS Firmware\files.

I also have changed


name = SabreSD-SD  to Ubuntu-SabreSD-SD and finally I have executed MfgTool2.


After changing the uboot the linux bsp starts despite some errors, but the screen does not work.


To change the uboot I have follow the instructions given in the linux user guide


What is the problem? What can I do?


Thanks for the answers.




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