RTCS viewer (TAD) for Keil is not showing

Discussion created by panpwr on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by panpwr

Recently I've installed Keil uVision ver 4.60, (ARM-MDK), for use with my MQX 4.0.


When I was using uVision 4.54, I could have used the MQX & RTCS viewers (TAD) debug menus: "Debug->OS Support->RTCS (or) MQX ->...".


However, once I've installed uVision 4.60, I can't see the "RTCS" menu, only "MQX" menu. I've re-installed Freescale's TAD extension for Keil which came with MQX 4.0, however - it didn't work as well.

I assume that I haven't compiled something correctly in the MQX project (which wasn't by default in the new uVision default)


How do I get the RTCS viewer ability back?