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Problem programming srec on FRDM board

Question asked by Hitesh Patel on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by Jose Escoto

Hello All,


I have the FRDM-KL25Z and have successfully developed and can download and run my application via the debugger

(I have version 10.3 of Code Warrior).

Now, I want to flash it on the device via the MSD flash interface (ie drag and drop  to USB file in explorer)

unfortunately I am having problems making it work. I can see the programming led on the board flashing but my app

does not execute (I have a flashing LED which does not flash). However, if I take one of the precompiled applications

I downloaded from the Freedom Board page I don't have a problem. Does the application need to be developed in a certain

way, in terms of compiler settings etc? The puzzling thing is that I did get it to work one time after I had loaded

one of the precompiled applications, but power cycling the board made the board loose the code. This does not

happen with the precompiled applications. Ideas?


Also note that in order to convert my ELF to SREC I had to use arm-non-eabi-objcopy as there was no way to do it from

the settings page as some other forum postings have suggested (there is no option in the linker selection for "generate SREC").