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UART suddenly stops receiving data in interrupt mode

Question asked by panpwr on Dec 23, 2012
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I am using UART3 (ittyd) in interrupt mode (rate of 115200, and buffer size 64 bytes) - K60 and TWR-K60D100M evy board.

I am sampling the port periodically, using fgetc to read the chars and performing _io_fflush at the end of each round.

It works great for a while (around ~50 seconds), and then suddenly stops - nothing comes through.


I've tried increasing the buffer size from 64 bytes to 128 (by changing the BSPCFG_SCI3_QUEUE_SIZE variable in twrk60d100m.h), and it seems that now it works for a longer period - however eventually it still stops receiving data.


What can be the cause for this issue, and how can I approach / debug it?