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any one use 2GB ddr3 with imx6q android bsp?

Question asked by kevin_chan on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Raana
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my env:

hardware ----- imx6q with 2GB ddr3 (only use cs0)

software ------  android 13.4 GA bsp


software change:


config cs0_end to 0x8fffffff , config 0x021b0000 to 0x841a0000

and use this config, i can pass the ddr_stress test with 2GB.



change mx6q_sabresd_reserve()'s

phys = memblock_alloc_base(imx6q_gpu_pdata.reserved_mem_size,SZ_4K, SZ_1G);


phys = memblock_alloc_base(imx6q_gpu_pdata.reserved_mem_size,SZ_4K, SZ_2G);


my problem:

In android system,  when moving mouse it would create many mouse shadows, and they don't disappear until you back to home screen or open

a new applications.  you can see it from attachment.


any one can give me suggestion about how to fix this problem??