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What are these lights on the iMX.50 EVK?

Question asked by brucecichowlas on Oct 22, 2012
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I'm very new here and with the iMX.50.  My client sent me an iMX.50 EVK to use.  I've used other development kits in the past, but am having trouble getting started with this one.  I checked the video to make sure I had the Linux SD card in the right place.  I had a USB keyboard and mouse attached through a USB hub.  I also had a Mac with a Belkin USB to Serial converter running ZTerm at the recommended baud rate, etc. and am pretty sure it was working.  At first, I was trying to use the panel display board (with all the buttons), but on reading the instructions further, it seemed the simplest thing to use to start was an HDMI display, so I switched to that.


I never see the penguin.  I never see lines of any sort of text go by on the terminal or even anything at all.


What I do see is a red LED blinking steadily about twice a second and a very small green LED on steady toward the corner of the board.


I wanted to simplify the diagnosis further.  Reading between the lines of the EVK docs, it sounded as if all I should need to at least see the penguin was to have the Linux SD card in the right slot and to have the HDMI connected and then connect the power supply.  Other than the LED's noted above, this produces no discernable activity and the HDMI display seems able to detect that the cable is plugged in, but says it has no signal.


I'm not sure if this is the right place to take this sort of initial question.



Bruce Cichowlas