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Interfacing of RTC in I.MX28EVK

Question asked by Ram Ramasamy on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by Ram Ramasamy
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I am developing new custom board based on i.mx283 processor

with porting linux on it. Main power supply is 5V without Li-ion

Battery. Is there way to connect 3V coin cell to support on-board

RTC?. Battery current for On-Board RTC is 20uA. if am using the

coin-cell of 38mAh then the battery life is 1330h. Which is not

enough for my application. Or any other way to support on-board

RTC battery?


if i try to use externel RTC (ISL1208) which interface through I2C

protocol. I2C0 is already using for Audio codec IC. But i found the

RTC driver are available for ISL1208 in LTIB.


Please suggest me what is the right way to use RTC? Waiting for

your response.



Thanks & Regards,