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About a setup of the FB_BE signal of kinetis using PE

Question asked by George Fukutomi on Oct 18, 2012
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Hi all,


I am doing the same question to TIC.

However, since there is no response, it posts also here.

I am sorry to crosspost.


My customer is using Processor Expert of CodeWarrior v10.2.

The device is using kinetis PK60DN512VLQ10.

The CPU component of Processor Expert chose MK60DN512VLQ10.


Although they set up the external bus, the byte access signal (FB_BE23_16_b, FB_BE32_24_b) is not outputted from their evaluation board.

In Processor Expert, it is a name of BWE2 and BWE3, and the port is assigned to PTC16 and PTC17.

Port size 16bit of CS0 and Byte mode are Enabled.

CS0, ALE, OE, and RW It is outputted correctly.


I do not understand, although Processor Expert was changed into Advanced and Expert mode and the setting item was seen.

Please let me know the setting item for making FB_BE output.


It seems that there is no setup of FB_CSPMCR anywhere although the generated code (cpu.c, other files) was checked.


The signal of FB_BE was outputted when the following description was inserted in Cpu.c at the experiment.


FB_CSPMCR = 0x02200000; // multiplexing control for FB_BE.


It seems that therefore, it is right except a setup of FB_CSPMCR.


Please let me know the correct setup which generates the code for making FB_BE output using Processor Expert.


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