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Code Warrior 10.2 Build bug

Question asked by Jeff Kopittke on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by Jeff Kopittke

Hello again.

Quick question here concerning the build operation .. hopefully someone can provide an answer.

I write code with Code Warrior 10.2 in Assembler with absolute.

So I have two source files a Main.asm and include.


I have this problem .. IF I alter the MCUinit code and then build the code CW doesnt build the new code with the MCUinit changes included.

I have to edit the main.asm and I usually just create an error by adding a letter to the end of a variable and then perform a build.

CW flags the error and I simply delete the added letter and rebuild .. Then it rebuilds and includes the changes made to the file.


I know this is not huge but it is sometime annoying and I just thought I would see if anyone has any advise.


Thanks in advance


Jeff Kopittke