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mcf5225x_vectors.s not found (ColdFire/CW 10.2)

Question asked by MangoBot on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by MangoBot

hello ,


we're porting a FSLBOT sample project to CW10.2 from CW7.2 where the project compiles and runs smoothly,

and getting into a problem with lcf file where linker said "mcf5225x_vectors.s" not found.

the lcf has following codes :





      .vectorflash :


         mcf5225x_vectors.s (.text)

      } > vectorflash



the problem seems not resolved after trying to add file path of mcf5225x_vectors.s to "Library Search Path" of "ColdFire Linker/Input" settings.


kind advices appreciated.