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Any iMX developers using non standard O/S's or bare metal designs?

Question asked by samsaprunoff on Sep 11, 2012
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Good day All,


I was curious if anyone is doing any iMX development that does not use Linux, CE, or any other "main" stream O/S's?  I ask, as the iMX28 series looks like a great all around embedded processor and there are applications where using Linux, etc would be a complete overkill... Adding to this I am finding even the initial development tool/kernal setup for for Linux to be very time consuming, etc and not overly concise (various documents with various bits of info one needs, some docs refer to distributions that are dated, etc).   This is in complete contrast to the Coldfire (CF) family... where there is a lot more available information, code snippets/examples, etc which really helps developers ramp up on using these parts.