IMX233 - LCD issue

Discussion created by Asha1z on Aug 23, 2012

we are using IMX233 processor for our custom board.

we are facing a problem with the contents being displayed on the LCD (resolution 240x320)

The problem is  dots are displayed on icons/multilayered images.

we took a screenshot of the image using remote API

In screenshot we are not able to see the dots (screenshots attached). So we hope that framebuffer
content is proper.

whether LCD controller which fetches the data from framebuffer does something
so that dots are visible on screen or PXP ?

But we have tried excluding the pxp dll from the image then also the problem remains the same

So is it the LCDIF causing the of the problem ?

The LCDIF settings for our LCD,

using dotclock mode
Pixel format : RGB565
databuswidth : 16
wordlength   : 0 ( 16Bpp)

Please advise us on this issue