Jeremy Whitaker

Need updated documentation for adding a CMOS CSI0 camera module to i.MX53 LTIB

Discussion created by Jeremy Whitaker on Jul 18, 2012

Hello, I'm fairly new to the iMX community, so please bear with me. I'm trying to write a driver for a CMOS camera sensor, more specifically for the OV3640 camera. I was able to find a set of instructions on how to do this in the i.MX53 System Development User's Guide MX53UG Rev. 1, 3/2011 under chapter 20, but the instructions seem to be a little bit outdated. For example, under section 20.4.1, where it mentions how to add a camera sensor entry on the Ltib catalog, I couldn't find a way to get to the menu that's show in the picture of the Ltib catalog. According to the document, the specific menu is in the Ltib catalog under Device Drivers -> Multimedia support -> Video capture adapters -> MXC camera/V4L2 PRP Features Support. When I went to access the menu, though, this path didn't exist. Other parts of the documentation are outdated as well. Is there any newer documentation that deals with how to write a driver for a CMOS camera sensor?