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Porting Colilo to a custom board with MCF5484

Discussion created by James Kimble on Jun 6, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2007 by James Kimble
I'm attempting to load Linux onto a custom board that was based on the 5485EVB evaluation board. I was able to load the BSP distribution of Linux (from Freescale) onto the eval board with few problems. I pushed colilo onto the flash and just load the image into RAM via tftp. That all works fine.

Now I need to get this onto my custom board. The primary difference between the boards is the memory map. On the eval board the memory map is reported to be:

      Type             Start                End                Port Size
  SDRAM            0x00000000   0x03FFFFFF   32-bit
  MBAR               0x10000000   0x1003FFFF   32-bit
  System SRAM  0x10010000   0x10017FFF   32-bit
  Core SRAM0    0x20000000   0x20000FFF   32-bit
  Core SRAM1    0x20001000   0x20001FFF   32-bit
  Code Flash       0xE0000000   0xE0FFFFFF   16-bit
  Boot Flash        0xFF800000   0xFF9FFFFF   16-bit

My board looks like this:

Type                                  Start                End               
FLASH (8Mx32 32Mb)      0x0000 0000  0x01FF FFFF 
SDRAM (16Mx32 64Mb)  0x0200 0000  0x05FF FFFF

I can't even find the colilo sources. I've been searching for a colilo how-to but it doesn't seem to exist. Can anyone give me a little advice here? Any help would be much appreciated.