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Working MCF52233 example of Interniche TCP/IP stack without task-system on linux

Discussion created by Petter Nordby on Jun 5, 2007
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The attached code contains makefile and everything needed to build an "echo example" on a linux distro. The toolchain is available for free from CodeSourcery here. I used the version named

Simply connect to IP adress with TCP on port 4988 (or change IP, gateway and mask in ether.c) after building code and flashing the MCU.

The code is a mix of examples from Interniche, CodeWarrior, CodeSourcery and this forum. It does NOT use the niche-task-system (it's a superloop thing with interrupts), to be able to use RAM and flash for other stuff. It was a major hazzle to remove the task stuff and make the example work from flash memory on the MCF52233 (why didn't anyone do this and share the results before now?) in linux. Details about what's from where in the attached archive:
/cpu = codesourcery and codewarrior
/net = interniche
/std = interniche
(there are more files than required for the example)

ARP packets are "transparent" outside the Interniche files. To enable more debug information, define (by removing comment signs) NPDEBUG in /net/h/ipport.h or change the first "#if 0" to "#if 1" in /net/cf_specific/ifec.c.

The Interniche mini-sockets TCP-api (partially documented in the Interniche stack) are used in the example. The file ether.c also contains the functions socket(), connect(), listen(), read() and write(). Those functions are far from complete!

If you use this code, please tell us here about improvements you make! Also, if anyone is able to compile a toolchain from source or make an interrupt driven UART in the example, I would be very interested.

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