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Once my application is developed can I use the SOM in another system?

Discussion created by Rodney Fulk on Jun 3, 2012
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I am looking for something simple like the i.MX 53QSB but this looks somewhat interesting.

At this time I am just a Digital Media Software Engineering student and I have a pet project I am researching right now.

I believe the i.MX6 platform is the right one to use but I am unsure of how this all fits together. I am a newbie to this and was turned to Freescale during a tour of a local Automotive Contractor that is developing some uses with the i.MX53 QSB. After seeing what they are using it for and where they are going with it I started looking but I think for my application the MX6 is more likely the way to go.


I am considering purchasing the i.MX6 SOM and Development board but I am curious how to actually put this into another board for actual usage. In my project I will be using this to interface into a 2003 Chevy Avalanche and will want to hide it away in the dash in as small of a package as possible. The plan is to use the i.MX6 as the central brain to a sophisticated Alarm and Convenience system that will control many things and use things such as Bluetooth, GPS, ODBII, WiFi to communicate with other devices and potentially provide things such as GPS tracking, automatic starting etc etc. The User interface will be through a 7" touch screen incorporated into an over head console.  To do some of the interfacing I will likely be utilizing a secondary system such as an Arduino or Parallax Propeller to actually connect to the Vehicle when it requires Relays or other controllers to interface into the vehicle its self which will in turn be controlled by the i.MX6 processor.

When I am finished with the development of this how do I move this SOM to an installable system? Or is the development board designed to be used as the actual "production" board as well?


I am unsure how to connect this to the secondary board at this time but I will work on that once I have the unit in my hand. The Arduino and Propeller systems really can go just about any route. CAN, I2C, Serial... I am more of a medium grade programmer and beginner where hardware is concerned.