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ZigBee Development Kits- 1321XDSK, 13192DSK, MaxStream XBee

Discussion created by mark stephens on May 17, 2007
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I want to build a simple home automation lower power wireless device that controls an actuator.  This device will hold a schedule and at a given time trigger this actuator.  I'm completely new to embedded systems but have a background in C/C++.  I've looked at these kits:

  1. 1321xDSK
  2. 13192DSK 
  3. MaxStream XBee

What's the major difference in the 1321xDSK & 13192DSK?  The 1321xDSK has "reference boards" ... are these boards I have to assemble?  That's certainly beyond my capability.

Also Maxstream has the XBee ... am I better off with the freescale kit + BDM for debugging?

Since I'm so new to embedded systems I'm having a hard time weighing the pros/cons.



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